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Activate Sears Card by following few simple steps. But before that, you need to understand the credit card choices and benefits.This article written about step by stpe guide for activate sears card at Also you will know about activate sears card phone number sears credit card customer service 

There are endless options when talking about credit cards. Each and every back is providing credit card services with different perks and benefits. You need to consider different credit scores, in-store purchases, and precaution to avoid security theft.a

Also, you need to know the annual fee, the rate of interest, and other small issues that might concern your customer’s application.

Activate Sears Card (

Activate Sears Card

Before activating Sears Card you need to understand the benefits and services provided by them. You can use the following services on in-store shopping as well as online shopping. You can even use these services on Great Indoors, and Land’s End and K-Mart stores. Here are the abilities that make it worth having.

  1. Home Improvement Account.
  2. Commercial One.
  3. Standard In-Store Account.
  4. My Sears MasterCard.

How to Activate Your Sears MasterCard Online Activate Sears Card – Process

It is very simple to activate your Sears Card whether it is a credit card or MasterCard. It won’t even take 10 minutes if you have a perfect internet connection and if you are following this post step by step. Once you’ve received your card in your postal mail, go through this process to get your card activated. Also, as these Sears MasterCard and Credit Card are provided by Citi Group hence you can take Advantage of several services like shipping expenditure and other perks.

Activate Sears Card – MasterCard Or Credit Card

Card usage is the most preferred option in today’s world as it offers multiple services like cashback offershopping rewardssecured paymentfree credit pointseasy purchasing and other benefits.All a cardholder need to have is Credit Card or MasterCard. You need the card details like card number, nameSSN, and personal identification details. To avail this card service you need to activate your card.

There are two methods of card activation that includes online mode and offline mode.

How to Activate Your Sears MasterCard Activate Sears Card – Online

Activate Sears Card Online

In online mode, you need to have a card issued by the Citibank and the proof that states that you are the legal cardholder. Make sure to keep your card handy during the time of activation and keep updating your personal information.

  1. Visit the official web portal of the Citi Retail Services.
  2. From there you need to look for the option with the name Sear MasterCard/Credit Card.
  3. Click on the option and you will be redirected to the page where you need to look for the activation link.
  4. Once you have the activation link, you can simply enter the card details.
  5. You need to give the basic card details like Card number, Name on the card, last 4-Digit of the Primary Cardholder and Social Security Number.
  6. Make sure to provide the details carefully and re-check once you are done with the details.
  7. Then further provide your personal information like date of birth, phone number, e-mail address and other required data. It is due to the security reason so make sure you provide your genuine detail otherwise you can’t be able to reset the password card if lost.

By following these steps, your card will be activated within no time. Just make sure to be careful as it is all about your account security.

There are chances that there are a server problem or session time-out, in these cases, you don’t have to panic.

Simply, use the offline mode to activate your card almost in the same manner. Also, it is not possible to be around the internet all the time, in this case too, you can use the offline method to make it easy for you.

Activate Sears Card – Offline Or Phone Number sears credit card phone number to make a payment

Activate Sears Card – Offline Or Phone Number

You can activate your Credit Card or MasterCard online by tapping in the number 1-800-589-7327. This service is best if you have registered your mobile number on the retailer’s services. It is the best way to activate your card by calling with an associated number. You might be required to type ion the details. But keep on following the simple instructions and your card will be activated in no time. Keep your Sears card and personal information handy.

  1. Dial the number 1-800-589-7327, it is the helpline number for the Sear card activation.
  2. Now provide your card details and other required information.
  3. You need to provide your card number, Social security number, 4-Digit Primary Cardholder number, Name as written on the card and date of birth.
  4. Now listen to the terms & conditions carefully.
  5. Follow the instructions and keep on doing what they are saying.
  6. After the process is done your card will be activated within no time.

You can access your card after the activation process by logging into your account. This can be an assurance process for you to tell that the card is successfully activated. Make sure to keep your valuable card details a secret to prevent theft and provide extra security to your account.

Activate Sears Card – Customer Service Phone Number

In case of any query, problem, or doubts you can contact at the customer care service at 1-800-815-7701. This number is associated with the Sears Card Activation Assistance and you can get in direct with them. You can also visit Cards website postal in case of more details.

Activate Sears Card – Final Verdict

There are many rewards provided by the Sear Card that could be avai led by you once you activate your card. The few benefits include:

  • 5 percent points on gas transition.
  • 2 percent points on company transactions.
  • 3 percent points on restaurant and grocery transactions.
  • 5 percent points on other eligible transactions.

You need to understand that these points keep on changing so you need to visit their official website to know the latest offers, rewards, perks and other benefits. Once you are don’t with the activation then you can simply use all these benefits without any hitch. Just keep ion following the steps above and enjoy your shopping venture.

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