Chase Credit Card Verification –

Chase Credit Card Verification –

Looking for Verify Receipt of your chase bank Credit Card? If you are looking for verify your chase bank credit card then you are at right place. I have written step by step guide for activate chase and verify chase account and credit card at

Chase Credit Cards are the popular choice as they are easy to manage and use. It is important to follow the process of Chase Credit Card Verification before using it. After all, a shopaholic simply can’t wait to get it done. But in order to verify your Chase Credit Card, you need to activate it and the process is pretty simple. Chase Credit Card Verification

Chase Credit Card Verification

Chase allows you to activate and verify your credit card via mobile phone or computer by following few simple steps. For activation, all you need is to have your card number. Just remember to keep your card handy to activate it.

Chase Credit Card Activate

To activate your Chase Credit Card, you need to keep your card nearby. Follow the simple steps to activate your card.

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Chase credit card Activate the card onlineRelated image

Online Method and activate the card online.

Chase credit card Activate card over the phone callRelated image

Call 1-888-489-7249 activate the card by telephone services.

Chase Credit Card Activation Method 1: Calling customer care service

  1. Take out your card form the unmarked envelope or box. Retrieve your card and carefully read the terms and condition of Keep in mind that you must be aware of each and every guideline and benefits before proceeding.
  2. It is better to activate your card as soon as possible. By waiting for more than a month, there are chances that bank may assume it as a lost card and will cancel it. Then you have to apply for the card again.
  3. There is a number mentioned on the card. It might be hidden by a sticker so carefully peel it off. The number will be at the front of the card. It is better if you keep the sticker unless your card is activated. There is a customer care number at the back of the card.
  4. Make sure to use the same number that you have used during the time of bank account registration. It is an easy way to prevent any type of identity theft. The bank customer care representative will compare the number to make sure that another person is not using your card.
  5. Give the requested data to the representative. They will ask you to dial or say your 15-digit credit card number and 4-digit social security number. Then they will ask your personal information like date of birth or security question to ensure your identity. You need to answer them with the required information as the same you have mentioned during the time of account activation. Especially if you are calling from a different number, then these security questions are mandatory before proceeding.
  6. You need to answer few cashback bonuses details as per your wish. As Chase offers up to 5 percent of cashback that has to be activated every three months. Simply choose, whether you want this service or not and proceed with the activation process.
  7. Once your card is activated, you can peel the sticker and start purchasing items from your card.
  8. Sign the back side of your card to prevent identity theft and the card is invalid without your signatures. To authorize your card you need to sign it off.

By using these following steps you can easily activate your account. The process is simple and requires no extra hard work. Simply follow the given instruction will do the work.

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