Delta Extranet Login Guide – Step by Step

Hello to all of you, today we are going to share the in-depth guide on delta extranet login procedure and before that, you need to know that what is delta extranet and how does it work. Delta is an online portal for Delta Airlines Employees, and all other staff of Delta Airlines and they all can check the information about Salary and benefits.

Besides, the workers also can use Deltanet site to share their complaints and grievances about employment policies. This way, Delta Airlines Co. can easily know want their employees to want from them.

Moreover, the staff also can access the learning material virtually, so they can improve their skills in doing their task. They do not need to go to the training since all material is presented well on the web.

The deltanet portal has several web pages, and for instance, it has FAQ page which consists of the answers to common questions. Instead of calling the help desk, the staffs can access FAQ page to check the solutions to their problems.

Besides, Delta Net also provides the best customer support to the users. So, if you cannot find out the solution in FAQ web page, you can contact Delta customer support. DLnet is beneficial for all the Delta’s Staffs. It is because this online platform is accessible even the employees are in remote locations.

So, all the staffs can save their time since they do not need to go to Delta HR Office. Furthermore, they can access e-learning course wherever and whenever they are.

Must Know Things While Accessing Deltanet Employee Portal

Before you access Delta Net Online Portal, you need to understand some crucial things. They way, you don’t need to find any troubles when you get into the portal. Since the website is for internet staffs, so people outside cannot access the Delta Net. If you are not working at Delta Airlines but you still want to grab information about Delta, you can also check their commercial website.

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Deltanet is for the authorized users only, and it provides secure access to business-related information. Since the system limits the user’s access, only Delta’s staffs and other selected individuals can access the web.

So, you should have Delta passport, if you want to explore Delta Net portal. As the users of Delta Net, you should obey some rules and we have mentioned all those rules below, so check them.

  • Never Copy the Content

When you are logging into Deltanet, you must not copy and rewrite the content of Delta Net, and you are also not allowed to post the content on your blog and social media.

  • Access the Delta’s Extranet

If you cannot access certain data, it may not be authorized for the remote access. When you are trying to reach the web by using Delta Extranet, you may still not access the information. You may receive two error message.

The first message indicates that you cannot reach the site from the outside of the company. Besides, the second alert shows that the system blocks the URL for the security reason.

  • Not Calling the Help Desk

When you start receiving two kinds of messages above, you should not ask for any help from the service center. It is better to check the help page of the Delta Extranet. This page will explain the solutions for the browser setting, pop up the locker, and operating system. You can find the important issues dealing with the use of Deltanet.

Delta Extranet Login – Step by Step

Delta Extranet Login
Delta Extranet Login

So, now we are going to explain you the complete step by step procedure of Delta Extranet Login. If you would like to know how to access the Delta Employee Portal using a mobile device, then we have also included the individual section for it.

  1. To begin the login procedure, go to, as we mentioned that you can also use the address. Either one will bring you to the Delta Extranet landing page.
  2. Once you reach the Delta Extranet landing page, you will see the Delta Login menu.
  3. If this the first time, you are using the Delta Extranet Portal, you may need to check your PIN to register your account and you should have got a temporary PIN from your HR department. If you don’t have a PIN and cannot register your account, then contact your manager or an HR representative.
  4. In the first field of the box, Delta Extranet Login menu, you need to write your Delta User ID number or PPR number of Delta Passport Number.
  5. In the box below, write the password you set for your Delta Employee portal account.
  6. Click on the login button to complete the process and check your account.

Delta Extranet Mobile Login

You can also access the Delta Employee platform using your smartphone and the mobile login steps are quite similar to the desktop login steps.

  1. Open the Delta Employee platform website, just as you would if you were using the PC. You can reach either through or
  2. You will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of the Delta Employee portal website to get login menu should in the middle of the Delta Extranet landing page, just as before.
  3. Input your Delta Employee ID number or Delta PPR number in the username field.
  4. Write your Delta Password in the field below.
  5. Tap the Login button to complete the procedure.

Delta Extranet Contact Details:

  • Customer service: +1 800-455-2720
  • Corporate office: 404-715-2600
  • IT Help Desk: 1-888-714-0529

Useful Links:

Delta Air Lines, Inc Address:

  • 1030 Delta Boulevard
  • Atlanta
  • Georgia
  • GA 30354

Final Verdicts:

So we are done with the complete information about Delta Extranet Login procedure. If you still have any query, please drop them in the comment section below. We hope you like this post, please share this post with your friends and family members who use Delta Extranet services.

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