Iniciar sesión en el correo electrónico de Hotmail

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Are you Freaking out with login process through emails, then here is the Hotmail email that helps you to approach easily and hassle-free actions. As given in the link you have to proceed accordingly by filling the boxes and giving the mandatory information with address and password. Keep in mind while login process you have to fill the same data that you have filled during registration.

Hotmail is one of the most known electronic messaging services providers. There are millions of user of Hotmail from many years. It’s almost 21 years since when Hotmail have initiated providing its service under Microsoft.

Hotmail is as trending as Gmail and Yahoo too. Well, comparatively Gmail users are more because of the gadgets that are used nowadays asks for Gmail account synchronization.

Hotmail was launched in 1996 and after the services were updated and it changed to “Outlook email” in 2012. It is updated and modified by name, but the services and aspect remained the same. The users’ faces were down and bit confused because they have accessed their account and had the name according to previous services.

So here is the post for your guidance with respect to login process of Hotmail i.e. The service provider of this electronic messaging has kept it simple for the users to operate their accounts. This post hereby shows the complete steps for login and recovering the password. iniciar sesión iniciar sesion en hotmail www hotmail com mx iniciar sesión correo iniciar sesionhotmail correo electrónico iniciar sesion 

iniciar sesión en hotmail

Hotmail- Outlook, Microsoft Mail Benefits:

You will have various benefits and connect easily with people. Well, here are the details that you can approach through this email services:

  • There are no limitations between the users to communicate and you can know whether the users are from your same country or of a different country.
  • You can customize the features and add notes or get notifications regarding meetings and other sessions that you never want to miss out.
  • The other features like you can sync your skype id with Hotmail and directly use them as per your convenience quickly.
  • This one is the best, you can highlight the messages and some of the data with various colours to make it eye-catchy and visualize its importance according to your preference.
  •  Features of attaching other text files, images from your cellphones, laptops, iPad etc is an easy going process.
  • Nowadays email id is mandatory options for banking accounts, social, and other legal procedures, even if you want to initiate your account on social networking sites the procedure asks you to fill the mail id details.


How To Log in To Hotmail Account:

Step 1: Search the official link of Hotmail in any of your browser i.e

Step 2: Click on the “Log in” option on the page where it is visible.

  1. Entramos en el link para iniciar sesión (se encuentra en el primer párrafo).
  2. Introducimos nuestro correo electrónico y pulsamos en siguiente.
  3. Ingresamos la contraseña correspondiente y siguiente.
  4. Y ya disponemos de todas las bandejas de emails que hemos recibido, enviado…

iniciar sesion en el correo

Step 3: You will find the box where you have to enter your mail id. If you have multiple ids, you can open as per your wish and click on next option. Keep in mind if all the details are correct you can proceed further.

Step 4: You will find the password option, where you have to input your password to start up. Once you complete the password details, click on “login” option.

For the mobile login process, you have better option to download the app and keep it handy for daily quick use. Download the app from this link 

Thus these are the easy and quick steps to access your mail. If you still can’t log in, click on this link given below and ensure the following process:

⟿ In case if you don’t remember the password, you have the nice option below. Click on the “I forgot my password”. By this way, Microsoft will help you to recover the password of Microsoft account.

⟿ Keep in mind you have to remember the information that you had input during the registration. You will be asked such questions as “your pet’s name” or “place of birth” to recover your account on the official site.

⟿ As if you fill the form according to the steps mentioned above, Microsoft will proceed further with the correct data. Thus you will successfully land on Hotmail email.

Change Hotmail Password:

If suppose you want to change your password for any reason, you have the option to change the password too. Here are the steps are given below. Follow them accordingly and you can easily change the password.

Step 1: On the after login page, you will find the option of “view contact”. This option is present on the right side at the top along with your profile picture.

Step 2: You will be directed to the next page in the browser, where you have the option that says “change the password” on the left side in middle part, click on it.

Step 3: The next page is on your screen that asks for verification by alternative email or by telephone for confirming that you are the real owner of the account. None of the options is of your relevance, click on the option that says “I do not have any of the options”. Click on the Next button after an introductory message.

Step 4: You have the two options, where you have to verify by mail or phone. So if you choose the first option i.e the mail then you have to go for alternative email option. And if you select the phone option, then they will ask for phone number. Thus the verification is completed and you have to move on by clicking the “next” button.

Step 5: The code will be sent either to your alternative email id or phone number, whichever you have chosen previously. Enter the code and click on the “next” option.

Step 6: There are 3 fields, where 1 is to place the current key, 2nd is for the new key and 3rd is for the confirmation of new key. Thus as if you accomplish the three options, click on the “save” option.


Para hacer “sign in” o lo que es lo mismo, conectarte en tu cuenta, necesitas tener uno de los siguientes correos electrónicos. Aunque parezcan diferentes todos son de la misma empresa.


Con todos ellos podrás iniciar sesión siguiente nuestra guía. También además algunos países tienen su propia extensión, si es el caso del tuyo, también podrás conectarte. Si algun usuario tiene alguna duda o quiere comentar un problema, dejarlo escrito en los comentarios. Entre todos nos podemos ayudar.

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