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Kohlslistens is a Kohl’s Survey gateway held by the Kohl’s stores. Kohls Listens Survey is held with a special purpose to offer more service and a perfect visit experience to the customers at the stores. Kolhs survey is held at an official survey website Kohlslistens.com. kohlslistens.com allows the survey participants to share feedback, reviews, and complaints from the visitor experience they have had at the stores.

Taking Kohls customer satisfaction survey will offer survey participants the free 10% Off Discount Kohl’s Coupon Code on completion of the Kohls Feedback Survey. The survey participants can redeem the coupon code at the stores on their next visit.

Free Kohls Coupon

KOHL’S SURVEY @ KohlsListens.com

The requirement of this survey is to offer a chance to the customers and users from the stores to share their visitors’ experience and the feedback they had at the stores. It is notable that the users and customers might have a pleasant experience or very bad feelings once after visiting the stores. And here’s where the feedback survey or the customer satisfaction survey plays an important role to give a chance to the users to share their experience.

Kohls Survey Reward | Free Kohls Coupons

Taking Kohls Listens Survey offers a free validation code or the coupon code once the feedback survey is completed successfully. A validation code or coupon code worths 10% off discount code which can be redeemed at the stores. Once when the survey participants will complete the survey they will receive a coupon code. You have to note this coupon code on your visit receipt. Visit the stores and you can redeem this code at the stores.

Kohl’s Listens Survey Rules | %10 Off Kohl’s Coupon Code Terms

  • The survey participant does not need to make any purchases or payments to enter customer survey or get a free coupon code.
  • Minimum age requirement is 18 years if the survey participant wished to enter the survey.
  • Only one survey entry and one validation code are offered to the survey participants on each survey code.
  • The survey participants are not allowed to redeem the coupon code or the validation code for the cash prize or any other alternatives.
  • Taking an online survey is the only way to get your coupon code.

Perform Kohls Listens Survey & Get Free Kohl’s Coupon Code in easy steps

  1. Access #kohlslistens.com.
  2. Enter the #store number and #Access code.
  3. Once you enter the Kohls survey code, you will be on the #Feedback page.
  4. Share your #Kohls feedback, views, ideas, feelings, and opinions on the basis of your store visit.
  5. Once you complete the feedback page you will receive a free #validation code or #10% Off Kohls coupon code on your device screen.
  6. #Note the validation code on any side of your receipt.
  7. Now, whenever you’ll visit the store again and purchase you’ll be getting #10% OFF on your next purchase.


The Kohls Listens Survey participants can only get the Kohls Survey free coupons code or validation code once they perform the kohlslistens.com survey successfully. It is possible that the survey participants have difficulties in taking kohlslistens.com survey or get the free Kohl’s Coupon Codes. If you are facing some challenges or difficulties, please let us know by commenting below. We will help you take the Kohls survey and get your free coupon code or validation code.

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