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NJMCdirect at allows the user to pay the ticket charges online for the breaking the traffic rules. Know the lost parking ticket njmc, nj tickets violations Now if you are searching for ticket payment and want to complete your transactions and payments successfully, check the post available carefully.

If you do not pay the traffic charges you can get yourself in big troubles. Your license could be canceled or sealed for while or even permanently too. So, it is mandatory that you pay your ticket charges regularly for the violation of traffic rules.

NJMCdirect is an official website for traffic violations charges where users can make online payments rather than paying at departments. NJMCdirect Payments for the ticket is a secure, quick and easily accessible alternative to pay traffic violation charges or get ticket information online.

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It might be possible that your scrambles can cost you extra time and transaction errors if you do not have the proper information on how to pay traffic ticket online? Though it’s easy to access but the users required to fulfill essential requirements follow only primary steps to complete the online transactions.

NJMCdirect Pay Ticket Online Requirements

  • Court ID
  • Traffic or Parking Ticket
  • License plate number
  • MasterCard Or VISA Card

If you want to pay online and complete your remaining transactions for violation of traffic rules then you have to complete during remaining hours.

Monday – Thursday – 7:30AM to 11:45PM (EST)
Friday – 7:30AM to 10:45PM (EST)
Saturday – 7:30AM to 3:45PM (EST)
Sunday – 1:00PM to 11:45PM (EST)

NJMCDirectHow to complete ticket payment?

Once you have the prerequisite things to complete the online payments, you just have to follow the steps available here and finish your online ticket payments.

?Visit official NJMC Direct ticket payment site at, where you will find the page as shown below. If your page does not look the same you are at the different site.

NJMCDirectYou have to enter here specific characters which you have on your traffic or parking ticket.

Enter carefully the required information into boxes available there.

  • Court ID
  • Ticket Prefix
  • Ticket Number
  • License Plate Number

Once you enter the required information, press Continue for online ticket payments.

Now, select your payment method and enter the MasterCard or VISA card number carefully with the legit password. Once you enter the required information and your payment is completed successfully, you will receive a receipt. Users are allowed to check the transaction details up to 90 days from the date of paying the ticket online.


I hope the information available here for NJMCdirect at was certainly helpful for you and enough to complete your online ticket payments and check the transactions. You can check any leading log in information at our official site. For more information, visit the site now.

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