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Activating Scotiabank Credit card is an easy and quick process. Scotiabank is one of the most reputable financial institution in Canada that served approximately 25 million customers. It offers a wide range of credit cards and rewards to power up your shopping game.

Scotiabank is one of the leading providers of credit solutions of Canada. There are so many secured and unsecured credit options available in the market with good credit rates. Scotiabank offers several rewards programs to help you with your habit of spending money. But before you can use the card, you need to get it activate on Scotiabank website (,,2,00.html).

Scotiabank Credit Card Activation 

Scotiabank Credit Card Activation 
Scotiabank Credit Card Activation

If you have received your new credit card from Scotiabank then we can completely understand your eagerness to get it activated. We have summed up all the ways through which you can activate your Scotiabank Credit Card. If you refer to this post then it will take a total of 10-15 minutes to activate your credit card. There are so many advantages of using a credit card instead of cash payment. There are credit rewards, cashback offers, credit points, bonuses, and gifts.

So, if you just received your Scotiabank Credit Card then don’t wait to activate it. You just need your card number and personal information to set it up. Keep your card nearby during the process in case you need it. Now, follow the simple steps to easily active your card.

Scotiabank Activate Credit Card Via Online

Step 1: Visit the official website of Scotiabank activation

Step 2: Enter the 15-digit card number for the activation of Scotiabank American Express credit cardand 16-digit card number for the activation of Scotiabank VISA Credit Card.

Step 3: After moving to the next page follow the simple instructions and carefully read the terms and conditions before completing the process. After the completion, you will be able to use your card any time.

You might face some problem while activating Scotiabank Credit Card online such as timeout issue, connection error or server problem. In addition to this, if you can’t use the internet then there is another option available through which you can activate your credit card in a much stress-free way.

Scotiabank Activate Credit Card Via Phone

The easy way to activate credit card is by calling on the associated customer care number.

Step 1: Dial 1-800-806-8600 to get in touch with customer care executive of Scotiabank Credit Card Activation.

Step 2: After your call is received, provide them with the details such as your credit card number and personal information.

Step 3: Listen carefully to the instructor and follow the instruction to activate your card within 2 minutes

To ensure that your card is activated you can check into Scotiabank Credit Card Activation Confirmation after the completion of the instructions. Simply sign in the card details on your account will check it up for you.

Scotiabank Activate Credit Card Login

To check for the activation of your Scotiabank Credit Card, you need to first login to your account by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the login page of Scotiabank and enter your login details that include your username or card number and password.

Step 2: Now tap Sign In. If you have provided correct details then you will be redirected to your dashboard. From there you can check the activation of your credit card.

Step 3: If the details are wrong then you need to rewrite them and proceed to step 2. In case you don’t remember the details then you need to go to Need help Signing In option.

Scotiabank Activate Credit Card Registration Online

If you don’t have a Scotiabank Account Online then you can register yourself to use your account anytime you want. After the registration to the Scotia Online, you can log in to Scotia Mobile to access your account anytime.

Step 1: Go to the Registration page on Scotiabank.

Step 2: Give your account information that includes ScotiaCard numberLast namelast 4 digits of accountSecurity questionphone number and date of birth. Click Next once all details are provided.

Step 3: In next option, you need to type the password by following the guidelines provided and press next.

Step 4: They will need an access code to go forward. So, follow the instructions to get an access codeand type it in the given textbox. Press next or enter.

Step 5: Last step is the step for a security question. Select from the given options and write the answer that you can remember.

After processing further, your account will be created.

Scotiabank Activate Credit Card Forget Username or Password

It is common to forget username or password. You can easily retrieve your username and password by following simple steps.

  1. In case you forgot your password, you can easily enter your username and click on forget passwordYou will get a temporary password on your e-mail address provided by you during the time of registration, through which you can log into your account.
  2. In case you forgot your username and password then you can retrieve it through your e-mail. Type your e-mail address in place of your username and click on forget password Make sure that you are using your e-mail address provided by you during the time of registration. You will receive a temporary password via which you can log in to your account.

Scotiabank Activate Credit Card Login – Customer Service

To get in touch with Scotiabank customer executive in case of any query in the activation or registration, you can call on:

For relay services:

  • 1-800-472-6842
  • 1-800-645-0288 (for a deafened person)
  • 416-701-7200 (outside Canada)

Pay bills, transfer funds and check your balance on:

  • 1-800-267-1234 (English)
  • 1-800-830-8080 (Mandarin)
  • 1-800-830-8800 (Cantonese)

Final Verdict

By following this post you can easily activate your account online and retrieve your password easily. You can even active your credit card within few minutes without following any special steps. Through this, you can take full advantage of services provided to you by Scotiabank.

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