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Dollar Tree Feedback Survey

Dollar Tree sells everything you need for every day, every holiday, every occasion… and every single item is only $1 (or less). As a company who respects customer needs and their feedback, Dollar Tree set up a website to collect customer suggestions and their shopping experience. To express Dollar Tree appreciation to those clients, for those who completing the survey, you could instantly win an iPod plus 10 chances to win $1,000 cash. – Win $1,000 Cash

The survey is very simple to start and will take around 10 minutes. Put your receipt near you and find store number, total amount spending, date of visit and time of visit to activate the survey at On completing the survey, you could instantly win an iPod plus 10 chances to win $1,000 cash.

Go to to enter your survey answers and win $1,000 cash.

About Dollar Tree Feedback Survey

Prize: $1,000 cash and instant iPod


  1. i have been going too the dollar store for years sure like it take a lot from nursing home shop for christmas they injoy going there so happy we have this in winona thank you great people who work there too

  2. dollar tree should have more and diff kinds of party favors for kids parties

  3. I enjoy shopping at the Dollar Tree because there is such a wide variety of merchandise, and I especially like buying cards. Our church organization also gives the bingo at the nursing home and we find many great items at the Dollar Tree for prizes that the residents like. Thank you!

  4. I went to the Dollar Tree store in Plymouth NH {store #3549 } and I would like to say it is the cleanest
    And most neatest well stocked Dollar Tree Stores I. have ever been in
    I will be shopping there again The manger should be comendend

    Great Job !!!

  5. The workers are helpful, and help you find items you want but cannot find. The storee is a great place to buy chiildrens toys for a party or for gifts. The store carries items for household cleaning. It is always clean . I enjoy going shopping in the stores because I can find what I need and it does not cost a lot .

  6. The Dollar Store is such a joy to shop in. My budget is small, and I can get so many things there,
    not only for myself, but for others who need them.Shopping for the kids who receive the Shoe boxes at Christmas is so wonderful.They have so little and appreciate everything so much. I wish the store was closer to my town, but I do get there every once in awhile.

  7. I have always loved shopping at Dollar Tree Stores whether it be a holiday, birthday, or any yearly random day. They always have interesting items. Also, and very important to me is the cleanliness and orderliness of the store no matter when I go in. The staff is friendly and helpful. Prices aren’t bad either. Whatever I put in my cart is $! and I don’t have to look at tickets to see if it’s $1, $3, $5, $10 etc. Thanks for serving us Dollar Tree Stores!!!

  8. Thank you so much for opening a Dollar Tree in Hampton Bays N.Y., I used to drive to Shirley N.Y. to
    Shop in that location.
    I can always find what i need in the Dollar Tree.

    Thanks Again!

  9. your store at 5600 albamare rd is the best wish they had everything stocked but your employee Bill is the best evreytime I come in and cant find something he tells me were its at or shows me were its at he is the best

  10. With the cost of everything going up..up..up, it is such a pleasure to have a Dollar Tree to help with the budget we all have when we shop. I also like the fact that you often times carry the top brands. Usually when I go into the store I have a couple things to buy. Never happens that way. I come out with 2-3 times more than I went in for. Can’t resist the savings. Priscilla

  11. I was in the Dollar Tree on west main st in Branford Ct, it is the dirtest store I have eve been in, there’s trash on the floor, trash in the parking lot, and stuff everywhere, the shelves are always empty, there’s always a line and one cashier. Terrible store!

    • I really enjoy shopping the dollar tree that is located by the mall in the city I live in (Pine Bluff AR) There are so organized and everything is assessable. They even took out time to enlarge the aisles s that there is more wiggle room. We have two locations in our city I just like the one by the Mall better.

  12. Most convient store ever at most gracious price,and products that fit the balance of everyday living.

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